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24 guards at the black stone?

For a long time now, the Black Stone at the eastern corner of the Kabah has never been left unattended.

Most people have seen—either in person or through media—a guard standing near the Black Stone holding onto a rope. In fact, 24 guards are assigned to this post over a 24-hour period; a different guard every hour.

The guard’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the safety of pilgrims at the Black Stone

  • Alerting guards and staff of any incident requiring immediate attention

  • Organising the queue of pilgrims or visitors wishing to kiss the Black Stone

  • Instructing pilgrims the proper manner of kissing the Black Stone

  • Ensuring no unethical or illegal behaviour occurs at the Black Stone

During peak seasons and prayer times, on the other hand, the number of guards increase.

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